About us

About us

4i Services: Enterprise located in Berlin (Germany)


We are distributors and dealers for wind instruments and accessories for wind musicians: Trumpets, clarinets, saxophones, mouthpieces for saxophones, mouthpieces for trumpets etc. - all the new exciting products on the market,

At 4i Services we are always in search for the newest technology and newest developments which can help musicians to perform in best conditions.

Music is Life! - this is our slogan and the reason for our engagement for musicians.


This online shop offers Musical Instruments & Music Accessories for musicians, especially wind musicians. It offers e.g. Trumpets, Horns, Trombones, Clarinets, Saxophones, mouthpieces for Saxophones, mouthpieces for Clarinets, Mouthpieces for Trumpets, mouthpieces for horns and for other brass instruments, Training Aids for wind musicians like ENDI, ENIS and myVIBS. We did achieve to offer the latest and best products on the market: products of 4i TECH, STOMVI, BRASSEGO, TREEPUR, SPIRI, NARTISS, FIBERREED, JOSEF KLIER, THEO WANNE. This is what our online-shop for musical instruments is proud of!

We invite you to investigate our musical instruments, to enjoy the offers of our shop Musical Instruments Online & Accessories Online and to buy your next wind instrument in our online-shop! You will not be disappointed, because musical instruments are our passion!