Lip Trainers

Lip Trainers

Lip Trainers

We motivate you for the use of our lip trainers (isometric as well as dynamic) as an aid for strengthening the lip muscles. Strong and supple lip muscles are essential for a healthy career of wind musicians.

By the use of our training aids, it is possible to strengthen especially the ring muscle and the support muscles of the lips. This in turn leads to a better control of the lip forces.

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Lip Trainer - ENDI Dynamic Lip Trainer

20.00 *
Recommended price 25.00 €
You save 5.00 €
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Delivery weight: 5 g

Lip Trainer - ENIS Isometric Lip Trainer

16.00 *
Recommended price 19.00 €
You save 3.00 €
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Delivery weight: 5 g

New Lip Control Ring LICOR for Brass Musicians

from 14.00 *
Delivery weight: 20 g

New ISOLIT - Isometric Lip Trainer

17.00 *
Delivery weight: 40 g
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