Trumpets - Musical Instruments & Accessories

Trumpets - Musical Instruments & Accessories

All the trumpets, flugelhorns, and cornets are manufactured in the best quality and precision, and produce clear and centered tones.

We have selected the manufacturers STOMVI, BRASSEGO, NARTISS and SPIRI. The trumpets from BRASSEGO are produced in Austria, those of SPIRI in Switzerland, those of STOMVI in Spain, and those of NARTISS in LATVIA. All the instruments are handmade and produced with love for excellence and care until the last detail.

Many musical instruments will be hand-manufactured and are available within about 3-6 months. Musical instruments which are already produced will be delivered within 3-4 weeks. We are going to inform you about the delivery dates latest 7 days after your order.

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STOMVI 5000 Bb-Trumpet FORTE

The STOMVI Forte trumpets provides an even response throughout all registers. These instruments are incredibly easy to play

1,154.00 € *
Recommended price 1,332.00 €
You save 178.00 €

STOMVI 5063 Bb-Trumpet S3

The S3 trumpets from STOMVI are particularly suitable for Amplified music, Brass quintet, Concert and Symphonic Bands, Jazz solos

1,829.00 € *
Recommended price 2,166.00 €
You save 337.00 €

STOMVI 5003 C-Trumpet FORTE

The Stomvi Forte trumpets represent the next step forward in the student´s evolution. These instruments are incredibly easy to play.

1,154.00 € *
Recommended price 1,332.00 €
You save 178.00 €


The bass trumpet SOULHORN has been developed with the Austrian jazz musician Alois Eberl and sounds especially light and warm

from 3,788.00 € *


The Bass Trumpet FAT LADY from BRASSEGO has 3 rotary valves and a thinn-walled brass bell with rim of 230 mm diameter

from 3,568.00 € *

SPIRI Trumpet VARIO Es with option E


The trumpet VARIO Es is a big success of SPIRI. The trumpet produces a soft sound and has an excellent intonation


from 3,585.00 € *
Delivery weight: 3 kg


The Vario B Trumpet is enchanting with its full, earthy sound. The instrument has both easy response and a pleasing resistance.

from 2,899.00 € *

SPIRI Cornet SiB (resp. B)

This B cornet from SPIRI is very popular at orchestra musicians and solists which desire a soft and full sound

from 3,128.00 € *
Delivery weight: 3 kg

STOMVI 5004 Bb-Cornet FORTE

The Stomvi Forte cornets represent the second step forward in the student´s evolution. They are easy to play

1,361.00 € *
Recommended price 1,577.00 €
You save 216.00 €



The C Trumpet VARIO from SPIRI satisfies the highest demands for intonation. The trumpet provides the sensation for absolute safety.

from 2,896.00 € *
Delivery weight: 3 kg

SPIRI Trumpet VARIO Piccolo B / A

The perfect intonation up to the highest register is unique for this Piccolo B/A trumpet from SPIRI. The sound is round and warm

from 3,584.00 € *
Delivery weight: 3 kg

STOMVI 5313 Bb-Trumpet MAHLER

The Stomvi Mahler trumpets are designed for those professional musicians seeking a traditional instrument

2,017.00 € *
Recommended price 2,388.00 €
You save 371.00 €


The trumpet MILES is not only perfect for a Jazz club. If you’re now thinking of an old Martin, you might be right.

from 3,980.00 € *
Delivery weight: 3 kg

STOMVI 5281 C-Trumpet MASTER

The Master C-trumpets from STOMVI have a deep rounded sonority and they produce a rich resonant tone full of harmonics.

2,806.00 € *
Recommended price 3,322.00 €
You save 516.00 €

STOMVI 5235 C-Trumpet ELITE

The Stomvi Elite C-trumpets are designed for those professional and semi-professional musicians seeking a powerful sound.

1,687.00 € *
Recommended price 1,998.00 €
You save 311.00 €
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1 - 15 of 55 results