QUART Trombone from DaCARBO

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Carbon QUART Trombone from DaCARBO with Carbon Bell,  Carbon outer slide, and Quart Valve (F-Attachment); Very direct response, warm tone.

The development of the DaCARBO trombone was supported by test reports of well-known musicians through all musical styles. The principles of engineering in the vibration's behaviour with carbon fibre composites were successfully transferred from DaCARBO trumpets to the trombones.

As with DaCARBO trumpets, this trombone is incredibly easy to play, while producing the highest quality of sound. It allows excellent articulation, flexibility, and musical ideas to flow, since the horn can be played most easily, using less energy.

The carbon fibre outer slide can never bend or dent and is manufactured much straighter than a brass slide trombone. As a result, the gap between the outer and inner slide can be held at a minimum, allowing only enough space for lubricant. This new technology enhances the sound, speed, and quality of the instrument. Furthermore, the new carbon fibre outer slide is extremely light, giving you the utmost comfort in precision of sound quality and performance.

Bore Sizes: 13.37 mm (0.526”) or 12.9 mm (0.508“)

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DACARBO07a 12.9 mm 6,046.00 € *
DACARBO07b 13.37mm (0.526”) 6,046.00 € *
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