Lip Control Ring LICOR for Brass Musicians

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LICOR is an ergonomically designed ring for brass musicians to control the embouchure. The socalled "Lip Control Ring LICOR" is available in different sizes - adequate for each brass instrument: Trumpet, Cornet, Flugelhorn, French Horn, Alto Horn, Tenor Horn, Euphonium, Trombone, Bass trombone, and Tuba. The Lip Control Ring can also be used for the "pure" buzzing (buzzing without resonances).

Selection: Lip Control Ring LICOR for Brass Musicians

Product no. Instrument Price
LICOR1 Trumpet 13.65 € *
LICOR2 Cornet 13.65 € *
LICOR3 Flugelhorn 13.65 € *
LICOR4 French Horn 14.62 € *
LICOR5 Alto Horn 14.62 € *
LICOR6 Tenor Horn 16.57 € *
LICOR7 Trombone 16.57 € *
LICOR8 Euphonium 16.57 € *
LICOR9 Bass Trombone 21.44 € *
LICOR10 Tuba 22.42 € *
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Delivery weight: 5 g
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