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Material: Brass, Bell W-55 (wall thickness 0.55mm), leadpipe 9SK (wall thickness 0.90mm/0.50mm), Machine ML11.7, main slide Z-St-50 11.7 (wall thickness 0.5mm, with support).
The Vario ON-2 Bb Trumpet is enchanting with its warm and full sound. The instrument has both easy response and a balanced resistance. The notes are centred well and have convincing clarity throught to the highest pitches. And with the exchangeable lead pipe, bell, and tuning slide, the musician can enjoy a fascinating array of possible sound and volume variations.

Selection: SPIRI Bb-Trumpet VARIO ON-2

Product no. Finish Instrument Price
SPIRI-B-VARIO-ON-2-1 polished Trumpet 2,899.00 € *
SPIRI-B-VARIO-ON-2-2 clear lacquered Trumpet 3,089.00 € *
SPIRI-B-VARIO-ON-2-3 gold lacquered Trumpet 3,179.00 € *
SPIRI-B-VARIO-ON-2-4 silver plated Trumpet 3,298.00 € *
SPIRI-B-VARIO-ON-2-5 gold plated Trumpet 5,018.00 € *
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