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Material: Brass, Bell W55 (wall thickness 0.55mm), Leadpipe 9 (wall thickness 0.5mm), Machine ML 11.7, Mainslide Z-St-50 11.7 (wall thickness 0.5mm, with support).
The Vario WS-1 Bb Trumpet is enchanting with its brilliant and bright sound. The instrument has both very easy response and a pleasing resistance for the high tones. The notes are centred well and have convincing clarity throught to the highest pitches. And with the exchangeable lead pipe, bell, and tuning slide, the musician can enjoy a fascinating array of possible sound and volume variations.

Selection: SPIRI Bb-Trumpet VARIO WS-1

Product no. Finish Instrument Price
SPIRI-B-VARIO-1 polished Trumpet 2,899.00 € *
SPIRI-B-VARIO-2 clear lacquered Trumpet 3,089.00 € *
SPIRI-B-VARIO-3 gold lacquered Trumpet 3,179.00 € *
SPIRI-B-VARIO-4 silver plated Trumpet 3,298.00 € *
SPIRI-B-VARIO-5 gold plated Trumpet 5,018.00 € *
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