TOMASI Flutes TFL-10S-GO, solid silver, 14K gold fireplace, C foot

(Material: Gold Fireplace 14 K, Foot: C Foot)
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Tomasi flute TFL-10S-GO with solid silver tube (Ag925), with original Tomasi solid silver headpiece and 14K gold fireplace , open holes, pointed cover, E mechanism, offset G, C-foot piece, complete with accessories and case.

The Tomasi silver flute for the soloists of tomorrow.

The use of the softer, heavier silver makes it possible to produce a larger and softer volume with noticeably greater resistance when blowing.
Advanced players perceive this as reasonable guess opportunity to feel their instrument better and so to gain more security. Due to the greater resistance of the sound more modulation capability and dynamic range gets. Particularly soft flute sounds in the third octave are easier to achieve. The three heavier flute head pieces in this series are especially suitable for thick, strong winds and flutists who want to create a soft and snug sound.

Additional product information

Material Gold Fireplace 14 K
Foot C Foot

Selection: TOMASI Flutes Series 10S

Product no. Material Foot Price
TFL-10S-SI Silver 925 C Foot 1,633.00 € *
Product data sheet
TFL-10S-SIB Silver 925 H Foot 1,830.00 € *
Product data sheet
TFL-10S-GR African blackwook C Foot 1,633.00 € *
Product data sheet
TFL-10S-GRB African blackwook H Foot 1,830.00 € *
Product data sheet
TFL-10S-GO Gold Fireplace 14 K C Foot 2,249.00 € *
Product data sheet
TFL-10S-GOB Gold Fireplace 14 K H Foot 2,447.00 € *
Product data sheet
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