This online shop offers Musical Instruments & Music Accessories for musicians, especially wind musicians. It offers e.g. Trumpets, Horns, Trombones, Clarinets, Saxophones, mouthpieces for Saxophones, mouthpieces for Clarinets, Mouthpieces for Trumpets, mouthpieces for horns and for other brass instruments, Training Aids for wind musicians like ENDI, ENIS and myVIBS. We did achieve to offer the latest and best products on the market: products of 4i TECH, STOMVI, BRASSEGO, TREEPUR, SPIRI, NARTISS, FIBERREED, JOSEF KLIER, THEO WANNE. This is what our online-shop for musical instruments is proud of!

We invite you to investigate our musical instruments, to enjoy the offers of our shop Musical Instruments Online & Accessories Online and to buy your next wind instrument in our online-shop! You will not be disappointed, because musical instruments are our passion!

New Lip Expander LEX-plus

The Lip Expanders LEX for Wind Musicians from 4iTECH allow for the training of the upper and lower lip muscles (especially the Muscle Orbicularis oris).

17.00 € *
Delivery weight: 25 g

New SmartBuzzer

Buzzing: SmartBuzzer from 4iTECH is a buzzing device for easily performing exercises without instrument and mouthpiece. It has ergonomic handles on the left and right side.

from 25.00 € *
Delivery weight: 30 g

New Lip Expander LEX

The Lip Expanders LEX for Wind Musicians from 4iTECH allow for the training of the upper and lower lip muscles (especially the Muscle Orbicularis oris).

from 15.00 € *
Delivery weight: 25 g

New Lip Control Ring LICOR for Brass Musicians

The Lip Control Ring LICOR is an ergonomically designed ring for brass musicians to control the embouchure. LICOR is available in different sizes - adequate for each brass instrument.

from 14.00 € *
Delivery weight: 20 g

New ISOLIT - Isometric Lip Trainer

The isometric Lip Trainer ISOLIT von 4iTECH strengthens the lip muscles and increases the lip cross section, if used regularly

17.00 € *
Delivery weight: 40 g

STOMVI 5495 Bb Rotary Valve Trumpet

The rotary valve Bb Trumpet TITAN 5495 from STOMVI has an excellent sound spectrum, high comfort of the machine and a perfect manual processing

3,990.00 € *
Recommended price 4,100.00 €
You save 110.00 €
Delivery weight: 3 kg

New Lip Trainer - ENIS CLARIN for clarinetists

ENIS CLARIN is an isometric liptrainer which allows to strengthen the basic force of the lip muscles of clarinetists

16.00 € *

STOMVI 5000 Bb-Trumpet FORTE

The STOMVI Forte trumpets provides an even response throughout all registers. These instruments are incredibly easy to play

1,194.00 € *
Recommended price 1,332.00 €
You save 138.00 €

STOMVI 5281 C-Trumpet MASTER

The Master C-trumpets from STOMVI have a deep rounded sonority and they produce a rich resonant tone full of harmonics.

2,978.00 € *
Recommended price 3,322.00 €
You save 344.00 €

STOMVI 5063 Bb-Trumpet S3

The S3 trumpets from STOMVI are particularly suitable for Amplified music, Brass quintet, Concert and Symphonic Bands, Jazz solos

1,941.00 € *
Recommended price 2,166.00 €
You save 225.00 €

New DaCARBO Bb Trumpet UNICA - gold lacquered

DaCARBO Bb Trumpet UNICA with Carbon Bell of 128mm and brass ring; bore 11.7 mm, gold lacquered

2,794.00 € *
Recommended price 2,990.00 €
You save 196.00 €
Delivery weight: 3 kg

New DaCARBO Bb Trumpet LARGE

DaCARBO Bb Trumpet with Carbon Bell 139mm, brass ring, ML bore (11.7mm); body made of brass, gold lacquered

5,206.00 € *
Recommended price 5,590.00 €
You save 384.00 €

Can be shipped within 98 days after receipt of the order
Delivery weight: 3 kg

New DaCARBO Bb Flugelhorn

DaCARBO Bb Flugelhorn with really big carbon bell of 170 mm (6.69") in diameter for a dark and warm sound

4,088.00 € *
Recommended price 4,390.00 €
You save 302.00 €
Delivery weight: 3.5 kg

New Jazz Trombone from DaCARBO

Carbon Jazz Trombone from DaCARBO with Carbon Bell and Carbon outer slide; Very direct response, warm tone

4,609.00 € *
Recommended price 4,950.00 €
You save 341.00 €
Delivery weight: 7 kg

New QUART Trombone from DaCARBO

Carbon Trombone QUART from DaCARBO with Carbon Bell, Carbon outer slide, and Quart Valve (F-Attachment)

6,046.00 € *
Recommended price 6,490.00 €
You save 444.00 €
Delivery weight: 7.5 kg

New Carbon Saxophone Neck from DaCARBO

The carbon fibre saxophone neck from DaCARBO opens the sound and allows for better projection. Play your saxophone with less energy!

from 1,069.00 € *
Recommended price 1,150.00 €
You save 81.00 €
Delivery weight: 1 kg

FIBERREED Carbon Reeds for BOEHM clarinet - Music Accessories

Carbon reeds for french clarinet/Boehm clarinet: Every second layer of this composite structure consists of high modulus carbon fibres

23.20 € *
Recommended price 26.00 €
You save 2.80 €
Delivery weight: 50 g

Respiration Trainer for Musicians PUEDO

The respiration trainer PUEDO helps to strengthen the muscles of wind musicians for the compressed expiration

10.00 € *
Recommended price 17.50 €
You save 7.50 €
Delivery weight: 10 g

New PUEDO PLUS - Respiration Trainer

The respiration trainer PUEDO PLUS is an aid for the training of the fast and deep breath in as well as the forced breath out of wind musicians

15.00 € *
Delivery weight: 30 g


Buzzing? Each SilentBuzzer from 4iTECH is an integrated piece (mouthpiece + Silencer) for the embouchure training of brass musicians.

from 30.00 € *

New Lip Protection PROTEC-X for Clarinetists and Saxophonists

PROTEC-X is a lip protection for clarinetists and saxophonists. It is positioned on the lower teeth and prevents in this way injuries of lips

16.00 € *
Recommended price 19.00 €
You save 3.00 €
Delivery weight: 4 g

New Aid for adjusting the lower jaw for wind musicians AMANDI

Jaw position: AMANDI is an aid for adjusting the lower jaw for brass musicians. It corrects the alignment of the front teeth

15.00 € *
Delivery weight: 15 g

New Lip Trainer - ENIS SAXO for saxophonists

ENIS SAXO is an isometric liptrainer which allows to strengthen the basic force of the lip muscles of saxophonists

18.00 € *
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