Trumpets - Musical Instruments & Accessories

Trumpets - Musical Instruments & Accessories

All the trumpets, flugelhorns, and cornets are manufactured in the best quality and precision, and produce clear and centered tones.

We have selected the manufacturers STOMVI, BRASSEGO, NARTISS and SPIRI. The trumpets from BRASSEGO are produced in Austria, those of SPIRI in Switzerland, those of STOMVI in Spain, and those of NARTISS in LATVIA. All the instruments are handmade and produced with love for excellence and care until the last detail.

Many musical instruments will be hand-manufactured and are available within about 3-6 months. Musical instruments which are already produced will be delivered within 3-4 weeks. We are going to inform you about the delivery dates latest 7 days after your order.

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New STOMVI 5525 D/Eb Trumpet TITAN (4 Valves)

The trumpets Stomvi TITAN D/Eb (4 valves) are extremely well in tune and have full resonant sounds, and offer a quick response

3,683.00 *
Recommended price 4,298.00 €
You save 615.00 €

STOMVI 5510 D/Eb Trumpet ELITE

The ELITE D/Eb trumpets from STOMVI offer a perfect tuning in all registers and their rich resonant tone makes them excellent to play

2,233.00 *
Recommended price 2,606.00 €
You save 373.00 €


The Stomvi Classica trumpet is particularly suitable for folk and commercial music players with a traditional spirit

1,457.00 *
Recommended price 1,700.00 €
You save 243.00 €

STOMVI 5381 Bb-Trumpet MASTER

With the very innovative MASTER trumpets, STOMVI is renewing the construction principle for trumpets in order to achieve a distinctive sound

2,944.00 *
Recommended price 3,436.00 €
You save 492.00 €

STOMVI 5320-27 Bb-Trumpet TITAN (Bellflex)

The Stomvi TITAN trumpets have a powerful, round, strong and deep sound, yet subtle and balanced, and with quick response

2,511.00 *
Recommended price 2,931.00 €
You save 420.00 €

STOMVI 5610 F/G Trumpet Elite

The F/G trumpets ELITE offer a perfect tuning in all registers and their rich resonant tone makes them excellent to play in any setting

2,478.00 *
Recommended price 2,892.00 €
You save 414.00 €

STOMVI 5706 Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet ELITE

The A/Bb Piccolo Trumpets ELITE trumpets offer a perfect tuning in all registers and their rich resonant tone makes them excellent to play

1,897.00 *
Recommended price 2,214.00 €
You save 317.00 €

STOMVI 5220-25 C-Trumpet TITAN (Bellflex)

The C-trumpet 5220-25 is member of the TITAN-Series from STOMVI, which has been created especially for professional orchestra musicians.

2,511.00 *
Recommended price 2,931.00 €
You save 420.00 €



The C Trumpet VARIO from SPIRI satisfies the highest demands for intonation. The trumpet provides the sensation for absolute safety.

from 2,896.00 *
Recommended price 3,678.00 €
You save 782.00 €
Delivery weight: 3 kg


The Stomvi VRII trumpet with its exceptional intonation is particularly suitable for amplified music, Commercial Music and Jazz

2,788.00 *
Recommended price 3,254.00 €
You save 466.00 €

SPIRI Trumpet VARIO Piccolo Bb / A

The perfect intonation up to the highest register is unique for this Piccolo Bb/A trumpet from SPIRI. The sound is round and warm

from 3,668.00 *
Recommended price 4,562.00 €
You save 894.00 €
Delivery weight: 3 kg

New STOMVI 5581 D/Eb Trumpet MASTER

With the MASTER trumpets D/Eb and the other innovative MASTER models, Stomvi has placed milestones in the world of trumpet construction

3,204.00 *
Recommended price 3,739.00 €
You save 535.00 €

New STOMVI 5926 Bb-Flugelhorn ELITE (Copper)

The Bb Flugelhorn ELITE  from STOMVI offers a perfect tuning in all registers and a rich resonant tone

2,364.00 *
Recommended price 2,760.00 €
You save 396.00 €

STOMVI 5329-27 Bb-Trumpet TITAN (Copper)

In addition to the TITAN model 5320-27, STOMVI is offering the TITAN Bb-Trumpet also with a copper bell

2,645.00 *
Recommended price 3,087.00 €
You save 442.00 €

BRASSEGO Bb Trumpet L.A.

The Bb trumpet L.A. from BRASSEGO is an Allround-Instrument. Its projection is not too brilliant and not too prominent, but neither too dark

from 3,887.00 *

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16 - 30 of 60 results