Carbon Saxophone Neck from DaCARBO

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The neck of your saxophone has a huge influence on sound and playability.
DaCARBO uses the freedom offered by carbon fibre alignment and composite construction in building its instruments not to cut down on weight, but primarily to optimize the instrument’s vibration. It becomes possible to suppress those vibrations in the tube that simply waste energy. The carbon
fibre saxophone neck opens the sound and allows for better projection.

DaCARBO carbon fibre saxophone necks can easily be adapted to almost any saxophone: Various tenons are available, which can be screwed into the threaded ring on the necks end.
Instrument-makers, engineers, acoustic designers and musicians have worked together intensively to minimize the energy loss in the air column, where the sound is generated.
Resulting in necks that are remarkably easy to play also in the highest and lowest registers at supreme sound quality. They allow excellent articulation and direct control. The sound of the saxophone opens up, allowing a better projection.

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