SPIRI Mouthpiece for trumpet

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Mouthpiece for trumpet with easy response and full sound. The mouthpiece as a finish with gold and silver.

The ring structure at the cup of the mouthpiece enables an excellent response in combination with a strong and full tone, which contains a comfortable level high tone resonances. The mouthpieces are available in the following geometries:




Depth of the cup Diameter of the cup
7C 9.2 mm 16.5 mm
5C 9.3 mm 16.6 mm
3C-6 8.0 mm 16.4 mm
3C-3 8.3 mm 16.4 mm
3C 8.6 mm 16.4 mm
3C+3 8.9 mm 16.4 mm
1 1/2 C 8.9 mm 16.7 mm
1 1/2 C-3 8.6 mm 16.7 mm
1 1/4 8.9 mm 19.9 mm
1C 9.0 mm 17.0 mm


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