SPIRI Cornet Bb - gold lacquered, TM

(Finish: gold lacquered, Instrument: Cornet)

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This Bb cornet from SPIRI is very popular at orchestra musicians and soloists which desire a soft and full sound. The cornet offers an easy response and a stable intonation.

Finish: gold lacquered.

The cornet from SPIRI has a main trigger slide.

Selection: SPIRI Cornet Bb - TM

Product no. Finish Instrument Price
SPIRI-B-Cornet-1-TM polished Cornet 3,299.00 € *
SPIRI-B-Cornet-2-TM clear lacquered Cornet 3,500.00 € *
SPIRI-B-Cornet-3-TM gold lacquered Cornet 3,599.00 € *
SPIRI-B-Cornet-4-TM silver plated Cornet 3,773.00 € *
SPIRI-B-Cornet-5-TM gold plated Cornet 5,503.00 € *
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