STOMVI TP50XX Bb/F Double horn TITAN

STOMVI TP50XX Bb/F Double horn TITAN

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Bore: 12,1 mm; Bell: diameter 310 mm. Material: Bellflex, Goldbrass or Copper. 6 way Kruspe System; Finish: raw, clear lacquered or silver plated.

The Bb/F Double horn TITAN from STOMVI is very different in their primary concepts: elegance, finish, accuracy and design. In other words, a jewel unequaled in the market. But all this would not work if it were not because it is genuine in its timbre and sonority, offering unrivaled performance and incomparable to any other product with similar characteristics.

The professionals should let themselves be carried away by the magnificience and generosity of its sound, leaving behind all sorts of taboos.

Selection: STOMVI TP50XX Bb/F Double horn TITAN

Product no. Finish Material Price
STOMVI-TP5010 polished Bell Bellflex 6,563.00 € *
STOMVI-TP5011 polished Bell Gold brass 6,857.00 € *
STOMVI-TP5012 polished Belll Copper 6,857.00 € *
STOMVI-TP5050 clear lacquered Bell Bellflex 6,759.00 € *
STOMVI-TP5051 clear lacquered Bell Gold brass 7,053.00 € *
STOMVI-TP5052 clear lacquered Belll Copper 7,053.00 € *
STOMVI-TP5020 silver plated Bell Bellflex 7,446.00 € *
STOMVI-5021 silver plated Bell Gold brass 7,838.00 € *
STOMVI-TP5022 silver plated Belll Copper 7,838.00 € *
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