Mouthpieces for Trumpets

Mouthpieces for Trumpets

Try these mouthpieces for Trumpets from our mouthpiece manufacturers (STOMVI, SPIRI, Josef Klier JK) with their excellent sound quality: they produce a full sound und have a surprisingly easy intonation. You will be excited!

The parameters of trumpet mouthpieces are the following:

a: Length of the inner bore of the mouthpiece
b: Size of the bore
c: Backbore of the mouthpiece
d: Depth of the mouthpiece cup
e: Width of the mouthpiece rim
f: Cup diameter of the mouthpiece


bohrung eines brass mundstückskesseltiefe eines Trompetenmundstücksrandbreite eines TrompetenmundstücksKesseldurchmesser eines Trompetenmundstücks


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SPIRI Mouthpiece for trumpet

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Delivery weight: 200 g
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