STOMVI Trombones

STOMVI Trombones

Stomvi decided to develop a professional trombone which marked a turning point in the trombone world, and they endeed succeeded. Vicente Honorato took the lead in this project, surrounding himself with those who had devoted their lives to music, and especially to the trombone, and who could serve him as a guide. Though unusual in this circumstances, he managed to launch several models onto the market which delighted a vast majority of students, teachers and soloists of bands and orchestras, both nationally and internationally.

His exquisite presentation of the TITAN trombone series, with a richness and versatility in different combinations allows each player to select his own instrument, the one that best suits their needs and which are guaranteed by the perfect fusion between art and technology.

Many musical instruments will be hand-manufactured and are available within about 3-6 months. Musical instruments which are already produced will be delivered within 3-4 weeks. We are going to inform you about the delivery dates latest 7 days after your order.

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STOMVI TB53XX Bb/F-Tenor Trombone - screw detachable bell

The tenor trombones of the series TITAN from STOMVI with its double screw detachable bell is filling many musicians with enthusiasm.

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STOMVI TB51XX Bb/F Tenor-Trombone

The tenor trombones from STOMVI of the series TITAN have a removable bell and a patented Free-Flow-Quart Valve

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Recommended price $4,787.00
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