STOMVI Trumpets

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STOMVI 5235 C-Trumpet ELITE

The Stomvi Elite C-trumpets are designed for those professional and semi-professional musicians seeking a powerful sound.

$1,999.29 *
Recommended price $2,333.65
You save $334.36


The Stomvi Classica trumpet is particularly suitable for folk and commercial music players with a traditional spirit

$1,703.93 *
Recommended price $1,988.57
You save $284.64

STOMVI 5825 Bb-Cornet ELITE

The Bb Cornet ELITE from STOMVI  offers a perfect tuning in all registers and their rich resonant tone makes it exciting to play

$2,220.57 *
Recommended price $2,591.97
You save $371.40

STOMVI 5841 Eb-Cornet TITAN (Gold brass)

The model Eb-Cornet TITAN from STOMVI has just been released and is creating a great deal of excitement amongst brass musicians

$3,341.58 *
Recommended price $3,900.13
You save $558.55
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