SPIRI Trumpet VARIO Eb with option E or D

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The trumpet VARIO Eb is a big success of the special trumpets SPIRI. The trumpet produces a soft sound and has an excellent intonation. With a change of the lead pipe or the bell the trumpet can be tuned for the intonation E or D.

Selection: SPIRI Trumpet VARIO Eb with option E or D

Product no. Finish Tuning Slide Price
SPIRI-ES-VARIO1 polished D $4,258.86 *
SPIRI-ES-VARIO2 polished E $4,258.86 *
SPIRI-ES-VARIO3 clear lacquered D $4,529.85 *
SPIRI-ES-VARIO4 clear lacquered E $4,529.85 *
SPIRI-ES-VARIO5 gold lacquered D $4,759.90 *
SPIRI-ES-VARIO6 gold lacquered E $4,759.90 *
SPIRI-ES-VARIO7 silver plated D $4,954.86 *
SPIRI-ES-VARIO8 silver plated E $4,954.86 *
SPIRI-ES-VARIO9 gold plated D $7,051.63 *
SPIRI-ES-VARIO10 gold plated E $7,051.63 *
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