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The double horn SCHÖNBRUNN from BRASSEGO is constructed according to the Kruspe design. The horn shows a very stong and dark sound.

Specification: 3+1 valves, gold brass, bell 300 mm, bore 11.71 mm, valves with Minibal mechanics, screw lids brushed and varnished.

Selection: BRASSEGO Double Horn F/B SCHÖNBRUNN

Product no. Finish Treatment Price
TROMPA1-0001 polished with "Singing Bell" Treatment $8,776.00 *
TROMPA1-0002 polished without "Singing Bell" treatment $6,656.00 *
TROMPA1-0003 clear lacquered with "Singing Bell" Treatment $9,011.00 *
TROMPA1-0004 clear lacquered without "Singing Bell" treatment $6,891.00 *
TROMPA1-0005 silver plated with "Singing Bell" Treatment $10,248.00 *
TROMPA1-0006 silver plated without "Singing Bell" treatment $8,128.00 *
TROMPA1-0007 gold plated with "Singing Bell" Treatment $12,251.00 *
TROMPA1-0008 gold plated without "Singing Bell" treatment $10,131.00 *
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